about Me

Amante’s Logic

[ah-mahn-tays] [log-ic]

Translation –  lover’s logic

Step into the enigmatic world of Amante’s Logic, where passions intertwine with reason and emotions pirouette in their dance of raw authenticity. Here, love transcends the boundaries of logic, igniting flames that burn fierce and untamed.

What defines the lover’s logic? It’s the fusion of opposites, a harmonious chaos where right and wrong meld seamlessly. A surge of energy entwined with serene stillness, a cacophony of voices blending into a crescendo of sensual murmurs. This logic, a river of emotions, surges through veins, like a rush of cavernous music. It invites you to taste the poignant tears of deceit and deception, binding you to its irresistible pull.

Amid Amante’s Logic, lovers find themselves ensnared by an enigmatic power, drawn irresistibly toward the heart’s deepest desires. It’s a realm of contrasts, where passion and love intermingle with hatred, loneliness, and fear. Here, I stand as the embodiment of this captivating enigma, a testament to the bewildering and beautiful logic of the lover.

I am Amante’s Logic.




Amante is a techno/EDM/eurodance producer and singer.  It was at the age of 11 he became a devoted lover of electronic music.  From that moment on, it was clear that he would forever be bound to the music and it would be a permanent part of his existence.

Growing up, Amante faced a lot of challenges and struggles in his  personal life.  As he encountered these demons, he found that writing music was a way through the darkness and the emotions he was forced to deal with – for it was the music that became his way of survival.


“For me, inspiration is everywhere; it can be the change in seasons, circumstances and situations around me, or the people around me.  Most importantly, everything I write and create is based on real life experiences.  Everything I am lives and breathes in my music and if others can relate to my music or if I’m able to touch people’s lives with my music, then it makes everything I do worth it.”

– Amante’s Logic