As you all know,when I sit down to create music it all comes from real life experiences that I have gone through or believe in etc. Well, recently I have witnessed  a lot ignorant and cruel behavior from people that I felt really should be discussed.

I see so much of this “holier than thou” and “I’m better than you” attitudes from the public. Why do so many people feel they are somehow entitled to something more than the rest? These attitudes of “I look better than you”, “I have more money than you”, “I’m smarter than you”, “I’m thinner than you” is really a hateful and disgusting perspective coming from a society that (in my opinion) needs fixed drastically.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about especially if you have been a victim of these type of people. Sadly, I see a lot of it in the very community that is LOOKING for equality. The LGBT community. Many trying to make others feel inferior. What kind of message does that send? Of course I know it’s human nature to be somewhat petty at times, but there is also a time when we all need to grow the hell up and realize that we are all the same.

Which brings us to the song I have recently finished. The song is simple and straight to the point. When we pour such hateful messages out there we aren’t only hurting ourselves, but we are hurting the younger generation as well. What kind of message are we trying to send to them? When you are young and already feel out of place and lost..¬† what are they suppose to feel after they hear these type of hurtful words. It doesn’t make the LGBT community sound very inviting or accepting does it?

“What’s with…thinking you’re superior, what’s with…thinking you’re inferior?
Is it too late…for the children, is it too late…?
Don’t be a fool, I’m talking to you.
When will we all learn.. we are the same.”

– Amante’s Logic